Tow Releases

If your vehicle was towed by the Hanover Police Department due to a motor vehicle infraction or an arrest you must come to the Hanover Police Station at 129 Rockland St to obtain a Tow Release Sheet first before going to the Tow Company.


If your license is suspended or you were arrested for OUI (Operating Under the Influence), you must bring two licensed driver’s with you to obtain the Tow Release Sheet.


If your vehicle was towed for Expired or Revoked/Suspended Registration or had no registration, you must obtain a valid registration for the vehicle from MASSRMV and bring the paperwork with you to the Hanover Police Station. When our dispatchers confirm the registration is active your vehicle can be released.


If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, please contact your insurance company. They will be able to assist you with the removal of your vehicle.


Vehicles can also be removed by authorization through another tow company. The tow company will come to the Hanover Police Station for a Tow Release Form and then will be able to tow the vehicle from the Tow Company.