The Hanover Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

All persons interested in a position with the department must first apply at the Massachusetts Human Resources Division, One Ashburton Place, Room 303, Boston, MA 02108-1515. The forms may be obtained in person or by certified mail.Information can also be obtained at the Massachusetts Human Resources Division website.

Out of state persons interested should be fully aware that the Hanover Police Department is subject to Massachusetts Civil Service laws whereby residents of the community who take and pass the Entry-Level Police Examination will appear first on any Eligibility List requested by the Hanover Police Department and those who qualify must be given preference when the hiring process is conducted.

After passing the written state exam, all applicants are placed on an eligibility list determined by the Human Resources Division. Eligible persons will then go through a thorough personal background check, physical examination, reference check and interview. The Board of Selectmen will then make appointments to the department.

Newly appointed officers will then attend a Police Academy sponsored by the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council. Officers will then join the Patrol Division and receive additional field training with officers from various shifts. Officers are then assigned to a permanent patrol shift.


Interested candidates to the HRD website www.mass.gov/hrd for more information.

This exam is offered for all Police Departments covered by Civil Service and may also be utilized by some non-civil service departments.

For more information about this and other civil service examinations, see www.mass.gov/civilservice or email the Civil Service Unit at CivilService@hrd.state.ma.us.